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Q. How is the quality standard?
A. We are a professional company specialized in smart cards and plastic cards production complied with ISO standard.

Q. We expect the surface of the card stock to be clean and ready for dye sublimation card printer? How are the cards packaged to ensure they stay as clean as possible?
A. The cards are produced in our non-dust environment plant.Our staff are required to wear anti-dust wear in the working environment and we wear glove to handling the cards during packaging and inspecting. Moreover, the innerbox is well packed to prevent the dust.

Q. How should I supply my artwork?
A. The artwork should be outlined CDR/AI/PSD/EPS/TIFF/JPG/PDF. For ready made designs, just email to us.

Q. What is mifare compatible cards? What is the difference between the orignal and the compatible mifare cards?
A. The mifare original cards is made with original chip from NXP. The compatible mifare cards is embedded with chip made in china, which have the same function with the original.

Q. What is your standard turnaround time?
A. Our standard turn time is 11 days after the payment is made.

Q. Will your gift cards work with my software?
A. Yes, our cards are compatible with all POS software providers.

Q. Is the cards reprintabale by thermo printer,what about smart cards?
A. If the cards is with lamination film, it can be reprinted. We can do lamination and non-lamination according to your request considering the different cost. For smart cards, we strongly recommend to do lamination and it is free of charge for smart cards.

Q. What’s the minimum order?
A. We welcome big and small order. Customer satifaction is our pursuit. We can print as few as 100 full colour plastic cards (litho printing). For digital printed photo ID cards, we start ordering from only 1 card.

Q. All I have is a logo, can you design my card?
A. Yes, we can do that for you. We will also send you a cleaned up version of your logo if applicable.

Q. How do I send an entire design?
A. You can send your artwork to our email address.
.   You can send us a mail with your CD/DVD/USB storage.
.   You can send your artwork by Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo or MSN online.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A. Telegraphic Transfer, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union for your best choice.

Q. Could you give us the full artwork design service?
A. Yes, we will be happy to design the artwork for you.

Q. May I get some free samples?
A. Of course, please telephone or email us, tells us your demand, we will send the samples to you soon.

Q. What’s the delivery manner?
A. Door to door delivery by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT etc.

Q. how much is the delivering cost?
A. Depending on your location and quantity.

Q. How many working days is delivery lead time?
A. For less than 10,000 cards order delivery lead time is 8-12 working days.
.   For less than 100,000 cards order delivery lead time is 10-15 working days.

Q. When is the delivery lead time start to calculate?
A. From the day of the clearance of the payment and the confirmation of the proof of the artwork.